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Sonjuri Village

Sonjuri, South Korea

This small village was a GI town just outside the gates of Camp Pelham. It was located between Camp Pelham and RC#4. It was home to the famous Paradise, Sanjang, Sun Club and the Blue Angel clubs. As you cross the bridge and leave the camp, you'd make a left and Fish Market Alley was about a block down on the left. The whole scene was wet, as they'd hose it all down all the time. They'd sit there and kill chickens, sell unidentifi...able meats and such all day. There were several corridors that branched off, parallel to the main drag, and a few hooches available behind corrugated tin doors.

Latitude of Sonjuri: 39,7569 (3945'24.840"N)
Longitude of Sonjuri: 124,6480 (12438'52.800"E)
Altitude 16 (feet) above sea level

Sonyuri is situated 106 kilometers north west (336°) of the approximate center of Korea, South and 38 kilometers north west (333°) of the captial Seoul. The population today in a 10 square kilometer area around Sonyuri has an aproximate population of 43,208 (0.000432 persons per square meter)



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