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"Second to None"

This site is for and about the former elite group of soldiers who served at Camp Pelman with The 2nd Division. There are many pictures of oth the Camp and the Ville. These pictures will take you down memory lane, back to a time and place that only you know, because you were one of the few who were there! Some of the stories you read, will take you back in time. Other people will look at this site will not understand some of what they see and read, but you will understand because you lived it.

The old saying is true "You cannot go back home". And for you Camp Pelham and the 2nd "D" was HOME for a period of your life, a period, be it good or bad, you will NEVER forget. Camp Pelham is no more, but your time at Camp John C. Pelham has affected your life in many ways. We want to make this a place where you "CAN" go home again, even if for a brief moment!

The unit covered most here is 2/17th FA. The 2/17th was at Pelham from 1972-1987. They were relaced by the 1/4th FA in 1987 until about 1994. Other units at Pelham and different subjects such as information on the "Z" will be covered as the information is gathered.

Former Vets of Pelham and other nearby bases are sending us their stories and photos. Many will get their own Web Page where they tell their story. This site is new and just now starting to recieve Information and Photos. Please return often and see our new items. We want you to be a part of this project. Feel free to think of this as your second home, "Second to NONE that is".

"Raise Up"

If you would like to send your pictures and/or tell your story about Camp Pelham

Email: Chris Murphy at crmurphy0714@gmail.com

PHOTOS NOTE: We try to give credit to all photos used on this web site. Sometime we get pictures that have an unknown origin, we note it as such. If you know who deserves credit for a photo, and/or know the date of the picture, please make us aware.